The Mothman Prophecies

In November, 1966, a series of strange events began in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA. It started with two couples who were out for a drive. The couples stopped their car near an old TNT factory. A woman who was in the car saw two strange red lights near the factory. The couples decided to investigate -with terrifying results. The lights that they were looking at were actually the red eyes of an enormous creature with wings.

More than a hundred other people reported seeing this strange creature. They called it the Mothman. People also reported other bizarre occurrences in the Point Pleasant area. Weird messages came out of radios, animals disappeared, and people saw flashing lights in the sky.

In December 1996, reporter John Keel went to Point Pleasant and interviewed people about the Mothman. Some of the people that Keel talked to had fears about the future. They were sure that something bad was going to happen. One woman had recurring nightmares about people drowning in the Ohio River. During his year of research, Keel also started receiving strange phone calls predicting disaster. One prediction gave a date – 15th December, 1967.

Then it happened. On 15th December, the bridge that connected Point Pleasant to Ohio collapsed. Altogether, 31 vehicles went into the Ohio River and 46 people died. Many of these people were on their way home from Christmas shopping. The rescue workers who saw the floating presents said it was heartbreaking.



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